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The business & job search culture in the US can be challenging. Oftentimes what you need to succeed here was not taught in school. You can have excellent technical skills and still not get the opportunities you need and deserve based on your experience.

That’s why Omni’s 1:1 business English coaching is designed specifically for you.  From resume to LinkedIn networking to landing your dream job and then optimizing your commmunication and career growth once you’re hired, you’ll get expert career & communication advice from a certified, professional coach.

I have over 15 years experience supporting people from different cultural backgrounds in their careers and I understand the challenges you face. I’ll help you with pronunciation, writing, and speech, but also with the cultural differences that impact your professional relationships.

If you’re a global leader or entrepreneur in tech or industry, you don’t just need English skills. You need advanced cultural understanding and the “hacks” that will help you build the business relationships critical to your success. Without them, you’ll stay in your bubble and miss out on invaluable opportunities.

In these coaching sessions, you’ll get immediate, actionable feedback, mock interviews, templates, and role plays. Unlike most services, Omni will focus on your specific needs as a non-native speaker and give you customized, attentive input from a professional who understands the cultural differences.

Go beyond the English lessons you had in school. Learn the secrets to career growth that native speakers know, but that you were never taught in your home country. Drop me a line and start living your dream today.

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