1 Reason your job search isn’t working (your LinkedIn profile)

I just heard that one of my long time students landed an offer with one of his dream companies in Hollywood (the movie industry). He will be starting at the beginning of August and is extremely excited. Of course I’m very happy for him and am glad that the strategies and tips we covered in our sessions were helpful. But it does make me think of other students who aren’t having the same kind of success. And others who might be in the same boat. And with that in mind, let me lay out for you the one big reasons your job search isn’t working.

Here it is: you probably haven’t optimized your LinkedIn profile correctly.

While LinkedIn may not important in other countries, it’s  very important in the US job market, with over 70% of employers checking a candidates LinkedIn profile. Many international students have weak or poor-looking LinkedIn pages and haven’t used the platform for what it is: a magic opportunity magnet. Here’s a good guide to get you started https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-optimize-your-linkedin-profile-so-recruiters-actually-ranno.

It’s very important that you use keywords from your industry. Use Google, relevant job descriptions, or industry blogs to find the important keywords that will help recruiters locate you. Also, put the job titles you’re seeking in the headline. Here are some examples: https://careersidekick.com/linkedin-headlines-job-seekers/.

As the author mentions in the above article, also make sure your profile picture is professional and that it looks friendly. Don’t frown or look miserable. Check out examples of others in your industry on LinkedIn to see how they do it. Smile and make sure the lighting is good.

In the About section, present your experience in a narrative with a past, present, and future. Describe what you’re passionate about, what you’ve achieved (including metrics and numbers where possible), and include industry software, skills, and competencies. Also, make sure you show them a little of your personality. Mention a hobby or side interest. If you play bass or are a DJ, mention it!

(For more tips on how to show your passion, check out my blog here: https://omnienglishpro.com/learning-english/secrets-to-landing-your-dream-job-at-a-us-company-2-showing-passion/)

Your LinkedIn profile is a must in the US job market. Makes sure yours is showing all your advantages to HR managers, recruiters, and potential supervisors who might stop by. If it’s not, this may be the one big reason your job search isn’t working!


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