4 Reasons international students should interview as much as possible

If you’re an international student and you’re graduating now, start interviewing for jobs as soon as possible.

Many of you hesitate because you don’t feel ready. But don’t do that.

Interview for as many positions as you can….and start now… even in companies that are not on your top 10 list.

Why do I say this?

First, job interview culture here might be different from what you’re expecting based on your culture, and as soon as you can start getting the gist and the vibe of it, the better.

Second, you need to practice and refine your interview skills. The answers need to be geared to the specific team, the department, the mission of the company, and in some cases the people who are interviewing you. You can’t use the same answers in the same way in every interview.

It’s difficult and it requires a lot of practice to get right.

As someone who was a professional musician for many years, I can tell you you don’t want your first gig to be Carnegie Hall! haha

Practice on the lower stake interviews and then perfect your skills as you go.

By the time you get to your dream job interview, you’ll be relaxed and professional.

Third, your confidence will grow the more you do it and the more familiar you become with the question types. You’ll also practice interacting with people in these companies, which will be an invaluable skill to have later – practice your small talk!

Fourth, you can meet some great people in your industry, learn about the roles, the job culture at various companies, and more. Meet other professionals (native speakers as well as those from your own countries and background) and start building relationships that can last throughout your career.

Don’t be shy. It will get easier the more you do.

No reason not to do this!

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