About Me

I grew up in Texas but moved around a lot as a kid. Since my family was always moving, I got good at meeting new people and making friends. At the same time, my dad’s colleagues were usually from other parts of the world: Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. So I made friends with their kids! I got to enjoy the food and influences of their cultural background as I was growing up.

But I also saw the challenges my international friends went through due to discrimination and the communication and cultural differences they had to deal with. As a result, I wanted to help when I got older.

I started Omni English to provide students and professionals from other countries and cultures with the communication and soft skills they need to succeed.

The mission is simple: to help you as international student or professional achieve your dreams in the USA. No matter where you’re from or whether you’re in tech, finance, design, healthcare, UX/UI, marketing, data science, or the arts, I’m here to help.

Background in English and Culture

I offer over fifteen years of professional and academic teaching experience in university and ESL academies. I have deep expertise in English grammar, pronunciation, writing, speaking, and expression as well as business and cultural communication, American job interview skills, networking, and team dynamics.

I’ve traveled extensively and have worked closely with people from Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. I love getting to know people from different cultures and backgrounds!

I’ve also worked with international professionals at Google, Apple, Intuit, Salesforce, Pinterest, Samsung, Naver, SKHynix, and Charles River Associates as well as many small start-ups and local firms.

I believe in a more inclusive, multi-cultural world through collaboration and culturally-savvy communication, and I’m looking forward to talking to you about your career goals!

Currently I live in San Francisco, where I enjoy all the various cultures and foods the city has to offer! In my spare time, I’m also a musician and an artist and enjoy restaurants, reading, watching movies, and hiking.


Omni is about success and making the world a better place – but it’s also about enjoying a good laugh once in a while!

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