The Omni Mission

My mission is simple: to help you as an international professional develop the skills you need to succeed here in America. Whether they’re communication, academic, or cultural – these skills are often not taught in university or overseas.  And yet they’re crucial to success.

Background in English and Culture

I offer years of teaching experience and in depth knowledge of English grammar, pronunciation, writing, and expression. In addition, I have a global perspective. I have traveled extensively and have worked closely with people from Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. I am a cultural explorer and approach communication and professional challenges from a cultural perspective.

As one student put it recently, with me, you’re not just getting an English trainer. You’re also getting someone who has global knowledge and a true multicultural approach.

I look forward to meeting you and collaborating on your challenge, whether it’s academic or professional~!

Omni believes in a more inclusive, multi-cultural world through collaboration and culturally-savvy communication.


I grew up in Texas. Although I was definitely American and a white guy, I felt very different from the people and the culture there at the time.

Maybe it was because my family was from NY, and in those days there were some major culture differences that we had to deal with. We were treated like outsiders.

So when I was making friends, it was usually with immigrants and other “non-natives” to Texas. At the same time, my dad was a scientist and many of his colleagues were from Asia, Latin American, and the Middle East.

So you could say I grew up in an international environment.

The Present

I have a background in academics (my bachelor’s and Master’s were in English literature.) But I have blended this education with years of working in business settings with international professionals.

I’ve developed methods and techniques that will help you communicate better, gain confidence, understand American culture, and be successful.

I live in San Francisco, where I enjoy all the various cultures and foods the city has to offer! In my spare time, I’m also a musician and an artist. I also look for coyotes in Golden Gate park!


Omni is about success and making the world a better place – but it’s also about enjoying a good laugh once in a while!

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