About Me

As a culture and communication coach, I help international professionals and entrepreneurs elevate their careers, build better relationships, and overcome cultural barriers in the US. With over 15 years of experience and certifications in intercultural communication and ICF coaching methodology, I have the expertise and passion to empower my clients to achieve their goals and transform their careers.

I am the founder, instructor, and coach at Omni English, where I provide career coaching cultural guidance, and business English to clients across various industries. I also work as an international career and cultural integration coach at IMPACT Group, where I provide full spectrum job search strategy to international job seekers and business people. My clients have worked for companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Naver, and more. I have also tutored and mentored international students in university level (grad and post grad) for most of my career.  Whether you want to improve your communication skills, better understand US work culture, or land your dream job, I can help you with my personalized and strategic guidance.

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Growing Up

I grew up in the southern part of the United States with its incredible BBQ, various cultural influences, and amazing music. At the same time, I saw the discrimination and challenges people from overseas and from different backgrounds faced there on a daily basis. Moreover, my dad was a scientist and many of his colleagues were from other countries. This meant that I spent a lot of time around people from diverse cultural origins. When I became a teacher later in life, I realized I wanted to help international people succeed here as much as I could. And it’s been a great privilege and honor to meet and spend time with them in my professional life. My mission is simple: to help you as an international student or professional achieve your dreams in the USA.

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The Here and Now

I live in San Francisco, where my gf and I enjoy the incredible natural beauty of this place and the rich cultural diversity and heritage it offers. In my free time, I play music, do visual art, hike, read, and explore the Bay Area.

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