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Build confidence with an English tutor for Art students!

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English for your Art career

Have you have spent years developing your art skills? Do you dream of a future career in design at Google or VFX at Industrial Light and Magic? An English tutor for art students can give you an edge.

Maybe you worry about your English. Or your confidence.

Let’s face it. Presenting your work in English is difficult. Vocabulary. Technical terms. Pronunciation. Being organized. Showing your process.

According to this article, being able to communicate about your designs is more important than design skills:

US university culture

And it’s a different culture here with unfamiliar challenges and expectations. I am an English tutor for art students who also has an art background.

Discussing design concepts. Doing critiques. Interacting with professors. Passing midpoint and final reviews. You have to do it all here. Find out how I can help.

What you’ll learn

In our sessions, you’ll learn how to present:

  • Concepts and Inspiration
  • Tools and Software
  • Challenges in your work
  • Solutions you discovered and the details of your process
  • Results and what you learned
  • Your portfolio so people say “wow”
Prepare for your Adventure

Use your time at art school to prepare yourself for the real world. I have been an English tutor for art students for many years. But I’ve also coached graphic designers, UI/UX designers, marketers, VP’s, and more at Google, Pinterest, Salesforce, and many other companies in the Bay Area.

I know what the expectations in the ‘real world’, and I can help you prepare to meet them.

Whether it’s Design, Fashion, Photography, UI/UX, VFX, Animation, Illustrator,  Game Design, Marketing, or Film Studies.

Let’s talk now and help you launch your career!

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