Art School Students

Learn skills of a lifetime with an English tutor for Art students!

English for your Art career

Do you dream of a future career in design or VFX in the United States?

I am an English tutor for art students and I can help you gain the communication skills and confidence you need to make those dreams come true!

In our English coaching sessions, you’ll learn how professional artists talk about:

  • Concepts and Inspiration
  • Tools and Software
  • Challenges in your work
  • Solutions you discovered and the details of your process
  • Results and what you learned
  • Your portfolio so people say “wow”

Having been an artist for many years, I understand the art life very well. Here’s my portfolio:

Whether it’s Design, Fashion, Photography, UI/UX, VFX, Animation, Illustrator,  Game Design, Marketing, or Film Studies.

Let’s talk now and help you build an awesome foundation for your art career!

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