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Job interview skills

Just having a good technical background isn’t enough. To land that dream job in the US, your interview skills have to be sharp and effective. You have to sound confident, and your approach must be customized for each company and each role.

I offer 1-1 sessions that will help you pass the interview and impress the hiring manager. Stop feeling unsure how to present yourself and your value!

For an investment of $1200, you gain unparalleled access to:

One-on-One Personalized Coaching Sessions (7):

Receive individualized guidance and support to refine your job search strategy and approach.

Personal Branding Overhaul:

Elevate your professional identity and stand out in a crowded market. In our personalized sessions, I will help you craft a compelling personal brand that resonates with U.S. employers.

Resume and LinkedIn Profile Optimization:

Benefit from a thorough review and enhancement of your resume and LinkedIn profile, ensuring they are optimized for maximum visibility and impact.

LinkedIn Networking Strategies:

Unlock the power of networking with proven strategies for building valuable connections on LinkedIn.

U.S. Job Interview Skills Mastery:

Go beyond the basics with this two-part interview skills training, designed to prepare you for success in the U.S. job market.

U.S. Cultural Soft Skills:

Gain an edge with insights into U.S. workplace culture and soft skills, crucial for navigating your career journey with confidence.

Exclusive Job Search Materials and Resources:

Get your hands on curated job search materials and resources to guide you every step of the way.

Embark on your path to career success in the U.S. with a specialized program tailored for international professionals like you. Secure your spot today and transform your job search into a journey of professional growth and opportunity.”

Elevate Your Communication to “Native Speaker” Excellence with Omni’s Career Coaching

Unlock the full potential of your communication skills with Omni’s career coaching sessions, designed to immerse you in the art of “native speaker” fluency. Experience a comprehensive suite of tools including hands-on practice, insightful tips, customizable templates, and constructive feedback. Engage in dynamic role plays to hone your newfound skills in real-world scenarios.

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Embrace American Culture with Authenticity (And Be Yourself!)

Learn the delicate art of blending seamlessly into American culture without compromising your unique personal style. Omni’s coaching empowers you to navigate cultural nuances confidently, ensuring you remain true to yourself while adapting effectively.

Gain Confidence with Cultural and Communicative Mastery

Omni’s career coaching is your gateway to confidence. Arm yourself with insider knowledge, cultural strategies, and communication tricks of the trade that are essential for your progress. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from your launch towards career success.

Ready to transform your communication and cultural adaptability? Contact us now to discover how Omni’s career coaching can elevate your professional journey. Let’s move beyond the launch pad together!


What Clients are Saying

Based on 26 reviews
Kürşat Aktaş
Kürşat Aktaş
Kevin is the best. We worked together for more than three months. He is friendly and knows what he is doing. As the CEO of a tech startup, I wanted to learn about American business culture and improve my presentation skills. After three months, I gained more than I had hoped for. Thanks, Kevin!
Kevin老师很专业,耐心和尊重其他人。擅长会议专业演讲,尤其在针对亚裔英语口音的发音,以及英文语法方面的指导和纠正 (professional speaking for meetings, pronunciation and grammar)十分实用和见效。如您所知, 大部分的学生从中小学的时候就开始学习英语了,但是我们的大部分英文老师都不是地道的英文老师。这导致我们从一开始并且一直在延续某些固定的错误发音。教条式的语法应试教育,使我们不能在实际日常生活交流中准确地应用正确的语法。如果你还在寻找可靠专业和十分有教学技巧的英文老师协助你的日常生活和工作,Kevin很值得。在此再一次感谢Kevin老师!
Margarida Alves
Margarida Alves
I highly recommend Kevin to everyone who wants to improve their English professional skills. I have been working with Kevin to improve my English professional communication. Kevin is an excellent English instructor, very clear, and taught very interestingly. As a CEO of a tech company, to be able to communicate as an English native is crucial. Kevin is an angel in my career; he focuses our classes on subjects he knows will impact my career. I have really enjoyed our lessons.
Namika Hamasaki
Namika Hamasaki
I’m a product designer from Japan. When I joined a company in the U.S, I lacked confidence in meetings and communication. As a senior-level designer, I was keen to improve my speaking skills and luckily found Kevin. I’ve been working with him for two years. We often role-play design meetings or brainstorming sessions. Through the sessions, I learned structures of conversations and many phrases which made my communication better and helped build confidence. His coaching style is unique – he communicated with my teammates and conducted a survey on me to figure out my current level, based on that, he tailored lessons to me. He also taught me cultural differences between America and Asia beyond English skills. If you are from Asia: Japan, Korea, China, etc., and would like to take your English communication skills to the next level, he is the best coach.
yena kwon
yena kwon
I work for an international company based in Korea. I hired Kevin to help train me in business communications with clients in Europe. All of my written and phone communication with them is in English, so I needed some help. Kevin has extensive experience teaching global business English. He has particular skill in helping non-native professionals “translate” their meanings into English. And for “paraphrasing” business concepts and information. I learned the proper words and sentence structures to use in e-mail, meetings, and presentations. I also learned about how to adapt to cultural differences in international business. Along with this, I learned global business manners by performing various situational role plays with him. To anyone who wants to learn real professional English, I would highly recommend his class.
Julie Huchet
Julie Huchet
I’m a Product Designer based in San Francisco and I’ve been working with Kevin since December 2019 to fix some of my language issues (grammar, prononciation, refine vocabulary). Kevin is very patient and he has adapted his method based on my personality, my culture (I’m French) and my particular needs. Throughout the months, I’ve made significant progress and my colleagues have been noticing my improvements. Working with Kevin made me more confident when speaking in public as well. In addition, he was a great help to dive into American culture, what to read and watch. if your aim is to hone your English and to feel more confident, Kevin will lead you step by step to reach your goal. I couldn’t recommend Kevin’s English tutoring enough if you need some help.
Wenqing Ma
Wenqing Ma
I'm a data scientist in a pharmaceutical consulting firm and I have been studying with Kevin since 2019. We met through my company's accent training program and I'm glad they chose Kevin as our tutor. He is patient, professional, and easy to work with. He spotted my speaking issues and made a clear plan at the beginning of each session. Then he has acted on them to help me adjust how I speak English and improve my pronunciation and fluency. If you want to gain the skills and confidence to communicate well in English and become more fluent and accurate when you speak, Kevin is your go-to.
Peter Wang
Peter Wang
I work in construction industry where communication plays an important part. With English as my second language, I used to find it hard to express my idea explicitly and concisely. However, after spending 12 lessons with Kevin, I believe I've found the right way to improve my English systematically. Kevin's class is very informative and he will customize the class based on each person's situation. I highly recommend those who want to improve your speaking and writing English try Kevin's class.
Jue Wang
Jue Wang
I am a Civil Engineering major working in a construction company. I worked with Kevin for three months. He is professional and pays attention to the most subtle problems in my speaking and writing. I have become more confident and have learned to write and present in a audience-centered manner.

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