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American business culture

How to upgrade your Business English

If you’re like a lot of other international professionals, you’ve been speaking English a long time. You studied it years ago in your home country, then you moved to the

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Magic Of English Daily
Academic Tips

Improving Your English Daily!

Improving your English is like improving any adventurous skill. You have to be consistent and do it everyday, or you won’t get any better. Try reading more online and writing

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Magic Of Preposition Gerund
Academic Tips

The Magic of Preposition + Gerund

Simple yet foundational grammar: if you’re confused about what verb form to put after common prepositions (about, for, with, in, of, and so on), you can use gerunds with a

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Grammar Tip Past Perfect
English Grammar

Grammar Tip: Past Perfect

Past perfect tip: This verb tense is often used to express a cause and effect relationship in the past, made explicit by including the keyword because. I went back home

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