Halloween in the Castro 2016

The huge 250,000 person Castro Halloween block parties in San Francisco are a thing of the past – so don’t head to the Castro expecting a massive street party. The streets will not be blocked and traffic flows normally.

But the Castro on Halloween is actually still a fun place to bar hop, and to see and be seen in your costume. Most of the bars along Castro and 18th are open and hosting festive crowds. The same thing goes for bars along Church and Market with Churchill, Lucky 13 and Blackbird creating a little mini hub of Halloween activity.

So if you do decide to head to the Castro for Halloween, here’s some good rules of thumb:

  • Don’t drink in public (you’ll probably be arrested)
  • Don’t expect a massive block party – it’s not like that anymore
  • Don’t litter and urinate in public
  • Don’t be an assh*le.
  • Do dress up in an awesome costume

Stay safe, be cool to the neighborhood, and have fun.

Cost: FREE

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