How to Deal with Job Search Challenges after Graduation During Coronavirus

For many of you who will be graduating soon from an American university, challenges of the job market in the current Coronavirus pandemic are significant, with many industries slowing or not hiring at all. Internships have been cancelled in many areas, and the usual and expected process of the job search in the US has been disrupted. The article posted below provides some tips and advice on what to do if a job offer has then been rescinded due to the pandemic – however, the tips the author provides are useful for everyone facing the current crisis in the job market.

I can sum these tips up by saying: continue to work on all your skills, not just the technical or academic ones you’ve gained during your education! Most international students still need to improve their English. In fact, your English may have gotten worse recently because you haven’t been in class and forced to practice with other students! There are many apps that can help you practice your English conversation skills even during quarantine.

Another thing you can do is look for freelance work in your field. If your resume and portfolio only have student work at this stage of the game, having a small project or some relevant work experience, however small, can help. It will also teach you something about your industry and give you stories and experience you can discuss in upcoming interviews.

Another very important thing you should do is learn and practice American job interview skills. Most graduating international students don’t know the ins and outs of how to pass even a phone screening, let alone a full-fledged interview. Find a local coach or use some of the courses available on Udemy to help you begin practicing and gaining the strategies you’ll need.

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