How to write a resume that will impress hiring managers in 2024

Landing a job in the current market is no simple feat, especially with the fierce competition out there. However, a solid resume can make all the difference between securing your dream job and settling for the backup options on the list. The more you nail your resume, the higher your chances of impressing hiring managers. 

If you’re currently involved in the job search as an international professional in the US market, you’ve come to the right place. In this resume guide, we’ll drop some smart resume tips 2024 to make you stand out no matter how difficult it may seem! Let’s begin. 

Why Customizing Resume is Critical for International Professionals in the US 

If you’re applying internationally, remember that resume standards vary across different countries. Some prefer chronological resumes, while others lean towards hybrid formats. When aiming for a job in the US, it’s worth noting that the American-style resume is distinct from the ones common in many other countries. 

Unlike some places that may require personal information such as photos or marital status, the American resume strictly focuses on professional details. They typically use a reverse chronological format and emphasize your achievements. This means that when aiming to inspire US employers, the generic approach you’ve been relying on all along won’t get you anywhere. The truth is, job searches in the US are different

According to Glassdoor, each of their job postings receives 250 resumes on average. Out of these, only 4-6 of these resumes get shortlisted for interviews. This intense competition makes tailoring your American-style resume an absolute necessity. So, let’s head to the resume guide that’ll help you make it to the interview round! 

Resume Guide: Tips for Writing Resumes 

Personalize Your Resume for Each Job 

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make when applying to jobs is sending a generic resume, thinking one size would fit all! This is absolutely false. You must customize the resume to the job description. Based on surveys, 63% of employers expect tailored resumes that target the specific job. Failing to tailor your resume for the job naturally reduces your odds of getting any further with the hiring process. 

Let’s say you’re applying for project management that requires strong leadership and coordination. Your recruiters want to see why you’re the right fit, so put your best foot forward. For instance, highlight your experience in managing teams, leading projects, and implementing strategic moves to make them a success. 

This shows your employers that you’ve read the job description and have exactly what they’re looking for. The easier you make it for them, the better! 

Insert Keywords from the Job Description 

Do you know that a lot of modern companies rely on the Applicant Tracking System software to screen resumes before they manually see them? This means your resume is scanned for keywords that match those within the job description. But don’t overdo it — craft one that includes relevant keywords naturally. 

A resume with keywords from the job description makes you a strong candidate, which gets you past the initial stage. For example, if a job listing mentions “customer service” or “sales experience,” add these terms to the resume to maximize your chances of qualifying. 

Add a Strong Personalized Summary 

Your resume summary works like an elevator pitch, which means it’s your best chance to show the employer why you’re the right fit. This 2-4-liner sentence should briefly highlight your skills, experiences, and accomplishments that align with the job you’re applying for. 

Remember – your summary says a lot about you, so make it count. If you’re not paying enough attention to the summary, your resume gets lost in the clutter. As any resume guide would tell you, these few lines hold immense power. 

Something like this:

Financial Analyst with broad experience forecasting, budgeting, and managing expense controls and planning, implementing and analyzing cost containment strategies to enhance organizational productivity and profitability. Strong business acumen with track record of rapid promotions to positions of increasing challenge and scope. Trusted, innovative problem-solver with attention to detail, commitment to quality, and accountability for award-winning customer service. Effective analytical, organizational, and communication skills supported by expertise in…

Showcase Achievements in Bullets 

On average, recruiters spend 6 seconds to scan your resume and decide whether you’re the right fit. This makes one thing obvious – nobody has enough time to read a thesis on your background and achievements. To make those seconds count, incorporating bullets into the resume is your best bet. 

When adding bullets, focus on achievements and responsibilities that directly relate to your desired position. If some seem related, it’s best to leave them out. Start the bullet points with the most critical information and arrange them in order of relevance to catch the recruiter’s attention quickly. It’s a great way to leverage your power as an international professional

Don’t Include it All  

No matter how experienced you are, know that you’re just one of the hundreds of applicants. As most resume guides will mention, they only care about how you can serve the specific job position. It makes sense why adding unnecessary information to your resume brings down your chances of qualifying for the interview. 

For instance, when applying for a marketing role, they don’t care about the finance internship you did six years ago! Instead, focus on positions where you developed marketing campaigns, managed social media, or managed a brand. 

Quantify Your Achievements 

While many resume guides won’t tell you this, nothing works better than adding metrics and numbers to your resume. Highlighting your accomplishments in numbers shows the recruiters the “exact” business value you bring. 

For instance, instead of saying “improved sales,” tweak it and say “improved sales by 40% in the past 5 months.” These specific details make your qualifications stand out and give strong reasons for your recruiters to choose you. So, the next time you look up tricks to land a job interview, recheck whether your resume contains metrics that would matter to the employers. 

Final Thoughts 

Now that you know how to write a resume, it’s important to put your best foot forward. This means that being an international professional in the US job market, personalizing your resume is the key. As mentioned in this resume guide, it helps pass ATS scans, makes you stand out, and ultimately skyrockets your chances of getting that long-awaited interview call!

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