One quick trick for landing a job interview

One thing I’ve noticed in working with international students and job seekers is that their resumes are generally too….general. They don’t target the company enough. And they certainly don’t target the role. Or customize it, as I like to say. So in this blog, I’m going to share one quick trick for landing a job interview at your dream company.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, you need to be doing as much research as you can. Research the company mission, market niche, brand identity, products/services,etc. The point is to be able to align yourself and your experience as much as you can along all those dimensions. And then discuss it in detail in interviews, cover letters, phone screenings, etc.

Going back to the resume for a second, you can use the same technique. And this is why it’s such a great and quick trick for landing a job interview. Simply study the job post carefully for keywords and then incorporate them throughout your resume – in both the profile section and in the experience. Make sure to include them in sentences describing the tasks you performed in previous jobs.

For example, if the job you’re applying to is in VFX and the job post mentions CG assets, texture, rendering in a particular software, and rigging, include these words in your resume. (If you mention them in the profile, as always try to show some passion and enthusiasm. Here’s a blog that covers that:!). If the job you’re applying to is in UX design, be sure to include terms from the post. These might include interface guidelines, UI mock ups, devs and QE, CMS or Enterprise products, etc.

Don’t be generic in any area of your job search. Customize your entire approach for each company and show them that you’re the perfect match for the role. Make it easy for them to want to hire you. They shouldn’t have to think about why you’re the ideal candidate. Your entire presentation should make that point crystal clear, including the resume!

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