Job Search Strategies

One to One Interview Coaching

How does it work?

We start with a free 20-25 minute consultation Zoom call to learn more about you, your current job search strategy, and your goals. We’ll also discuss target companies and your overall career trajectory.

After the call you will have an action plan and a recommendation on 3-4  personalized 1-1 coaching sessions to help you land that job.

Job search coaching includes:

  • Resume review. Learn how to show your achievements effectively, align with specific job descriptions, and catch the eye of the hiring manager or recruiter.
  • Personal branding. Stand out from the competition, understand and express your mission, and show your intrinsic value to the employer and in networking.
  • LinkedIn review and recommendations on how to attract more recruiters, highlight your strengths, build your network to attract recruiters.
  • Networking guidance. Networking culture in the US may be different from where you’re from and can be awkward and difficult. You’ll get tips and strategies on how to make it easier.
  • Interview training. How to answer the common, behavioral, and situational questions. What questions to ask and how to show confidence and your unique business value.

All services include personalized feedback, mock interviews, templates for LinkedIn, and role plays that target your specific situation and your cultural background.


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Overview of skills included in Omni’s one-on-one professional job search coaching:

  • Clear concise presentation of your experience and business value
  • How to align with your dream company’s mission and the role
  • Conveying your unique selling points with passion, power, and impact
  • Speaking and pronunciation upgrades (ESL for business)
  • Small talk and rapport building
  • LinkedIn strategies and “how to connect” with templates
  • Confidence and executive presence
  • Intercultural skills – getting along with the interviewers and your future team mates


Mix and match these services in person or online Zoom sessions

American Business English
Cultural Skills
Editing and Proofreading for Global Business
Job Interview
LinkedIn Networking

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