Professional English Communication

Business English coaching for your role, on YOUR terms

Communication is key

In the workplace, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Professional English communication is key to success.

In my training sessions, you will learn how to leverage critical business English communication skills to enhance your performance, confidence, and impact.

Skill areas include:

  • Pronunciation, speaking, and intonation
  • Contribution and confidence strategies in meetings, brainstorms, and critiques
  • Enhanced presentation skills (audience engagement, organization, pacing, empathy, & storytelling)
  • Impactful communication with co-workers and clients
  • Professional English style and tone for projects, portfolios, emails, engagement, workshops, and more.

And every class is customized to your role and your situation.

I have over 15 years experience working with international professionals at companies such as Intuit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, Samsung, Naver, and many more. I can help you quickly improve the English communication skills you need.

Importance of Professional Business English

As an international professional you know how important it is to be able to show your expertise with conviction and confidence. You also know that business English is not just about grammar and vocabulary.  It’s critical to be able to use it effectively across teams throughout your day.

And to get better at it over time.

Higher level professional English communication is the key to success in every role. And it’s why I’ve made it a focus of my coaching work for many years.

And unlike the generic Youtube language lessons, my sessions are personalized to fit your specific needs. Your role. Your team. Your industry.

Showing your Value

Whether it’s speaking up more, presenting your ideas, improving pronunciation, or contributing actively, I can help.

Find out what one client had to say:

I’m a product designer from Japan. When I joined a company in the U.S., I lacked confidence in meetings and communication. As a senior-level designer, I was keen to improve my speaking skills and luckily found Kevin. I’ve been working with him for two years. We often role-play design meetings or brainstorming sessions. Through the sessions, I learned structures of conversations and many phrases which made my communication better and helped build confidence. His coaching style is unique – he communicated with my teammates and conducted a survey on me to figure out my current level, based on that, he tailored lessons to me.

He also taught me cultural differences between America and Asia beyond English skills. If would like to take your English communication skills to the next level, he is the best coach.

Get in touch and find out how we can upgrade your professional English communication now!

Here’s my recent LinkedIn post about how to speak up more in meetings:


Mix and match these services in person or online Zoom sessions

American Business English
Cultural Skills
Editing and Proofreading for Global Business
Job Interview
LinkedIn Networking
Foreign Professional Copy

Overview of skills covered in the Omni one-on-one professional English communication course:

  • Clear concise written and spoken business English
  • Techniques for contributing to and running meetings
  • Conveying your ideas with passion, power, and impact
  • Speaking and pronunciation upgrades (ESL for business)
  • Presentation skills, organization, and rapport building
  • Emotional engagement and empathy (American-style)
  • Confidence building, executive presence
  • Intercultural adjustment and competency (presentation, interacting with colleagues, American culture tips, etc)

I’ve worked with clients at these firms:

What Clients are Saying