Professional English Communication

Personalized Business English coaching customized for your needs
Communication is key

Have you noticed it’s all about communication in business? The old joke is that every position is a sales position. You always have to persuade someone. And in the US, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. How confident you sound. It’s showing your expertise and conviction. Your brainstorming skills. How well you empathize and tell stories.

Great professional English communication is the key to success in every role.

Through my sessions, you will learn how to leverage critical business communication skills to enhance your performance and impact.

(And improve your confidence along the way!)

In my sessions, select from the following:

  • Pronunciation and intonation
  • Contribution in meetings, brainstorms, and critiques
  • Presentation skills (audience engagement, organization, pacing, & storytelling)
  • Clarification and deeper explanations
  • Managing client and colleague expectations and communication

Note: sessions are customized to fit your specific needs. Your role. Your team. Your industry.

 Language + Culture

For too many international professionals, it’s not easy to find the right resource for business English. English apps and Youtube videos don’t provide the powerful business English you need to get ahead in your field.

And they don’t provide the cultural insights you need to really excel here.

The good news is I have spent the past 15 years refining and curating the English skills you’ll actually use. Professional English communication techniques designed for you, your industry, and your team. And with the added cultural dimension that comes from years of working with international pros. So you can move towards that future you’ve dreamed of.

Whether it’s speaking up more, presenting your ideas, improving pronunciation, or contributing actively, I will help you show your value and feel more confident.

Get in touch and find out how we can upgrade your professional English communication!

Here’s my recent LinkedIn post about how to speak up more in meetings:


Mix and match these services in person or online Zoom sessions

American Business English
Cultural Skills
Job Interview
LinkedIn Networking
Foreign Professional Copy

Overview of skills covered in the Omni one-on-one professional English communication course:

  • Clear concise written and spoken business English
  • Techniques for contributing to and running meetings
  • Conveying your ideas with passion, power, and impact
  • Speaking and pronunciation upgrades (ESL for business)
  • Presentation skills, organization, and rapport building
  • Emotional engagement and empathy (American-style)
  • Confidence building, executive presence
  • Intercultural adjustment and competency (presentation, interacting with colleagues, American culture tips, etc)

I’ve worked with clients at these firms:

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