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Why Business English?

We all know that self-promotion is critical to success in America. It’s not just about your technical skills. It’s how you interact with others, your team, your managers, clients, and cross-functionally. That’s where effective business English comes in.

It’s not just about grammar.

You need to be clear and concise. Powerful, impactful speaking and presenting are critical to success. Being persuasive. Expressing empathy and nuance. Speaking up confidently in meetings. Promoting your solutions and ideas. Debating and disagreeing.

Why you need it

Being able to use business English effectively is a must in today’s business environment.

If you don’t have these skills, your work relationships and career plans could suffer. And if you come from a culture with different rules and style, it can be more challenging.

Many international professionals like yourself have benefited from the customized 1-1 training that Omni provides. A unique approach that doesn’t just refine your English skills but shows you the cultural context.

Find out now how you can learn to master these skills and build your confidence!

Omni teaches “real world” Business English

Learn the secrets to using business English the way native speakers do. Stop wasting your time on a generic English app that’s not designed for your role and your situation.

You need specific solutions customized for your team, workplace, and company.

I teach personalized business English dialed in to your needs and your situation.

I have spent years in the field and bring extensive cultural and global understanding to my work. My clients work for Pinterest, Intuit, Google, Salesforce, Apple, Charles River Associates, Samsung, Naver, and more. Find out how I can help you learn the secrets of powerful business English communication.

Contact me now. I’d love to help you achieve your goals through better English!

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