Business English

Go further with the Business English skills you need

Why Business English?

Success is not just great technical skills. It’s also about your ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and concisely in English.

Omni’s personalized 1-1 Business English coaching will help you upgrade your communication skills quickly and efficiently.

Omni’s premier Business English Coaching Services include:
  • Pronunciation and accent reduction
  • Presentation and meeting skills
  • Conveying your business value
  • Writing (email, documents, reports)
  • Storytelling for impact and persuasion
  • Expressing your opinion with impact and confidence
  • Real life” grammar and industry vocabulary

My clients work for Pinterest, Intuit, Google, Salesforce, Apple, Charles River Associates, Samsung, Naver, and more.

Contact me now. I’d love to help you achieve your business goals through better English!

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