American Cultural Skills

How to hack the culture (and reduce your stress)

Why we need to think about culture

You know the saying: work smarter, not harder? This expression also applies to the culture side of business in the US. There’s a wide array of culture differences that can easily confuse a non-native. But you don’t have to be a native to use them effectively. With Omni, you’ll learn to use these skills in a way that makes sense for you and your goals.

Culture and teaching

I have spent my career working and interacting with cultures from all over the world. This experience has inspired me personally. And shown me that some of the obstacles international people face are cultural. So my sessions often emphasize cultural approaches to business communication

Studies show that cultural gaps make success harder for international people. For example, 67% of foreign born workers say they feel uncomfortable with small talk. Many are unsure of how to use ‘soft skills’ in an American workplace.

It’s because this stuff is not taught in universities (or anywhere else for that matter.) It’s like secret knowledge.

My approach

But imagine being able to use some of these techniques the way native speakers do. Imagine what you might achieve. Think of how far you could go with your career.

This is why I teach my clients a mix of American cultural skills and “savvy.” I want you to have the advantages you need – for yourselves, your careers, and your families.

In my 1-1 sessions, you’ll learn about:

  • Showing assertiveness
  • Communicating directly
  • Taking initiative on projects
  • Contributing actively in meetings and brainstorm sessions
  • Presenting and defending your ideas effectively
  • Showing the deep value of these ideas and concepts
  • Promoting yourself and persuading others
  • Overcoming shyness and using small talk
Cultural adjustment

Do these classes magically transform you into a native or a cultural expert? Of course not. Culture is very complicated. You don’t need to “do it” like an American! But my approach will help you adapt and improve your understanding of the US.

Find out how I can help to overcome these cultural barriers and build your future success.

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Challenges and benefits in a culturally diverse workplace:

At this link, you can compare your country’s culture with that of the US:

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I received my Intercultural Coach training ICF certification this year!

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