Editing and Proofreading for Global Business

Over 1.75 billion people speak English globally.

Can you afford to have your meaning unclear?


It’s been estimated that poor written communication costs companies $400 billion per year.

Don’t let that be you!

I will convert your important business writing into clear, professionally-written English documents. They will have the correct tone and native-speaker style based on your industry and agenda. You can sleep easy knowing your message was delivered and understood.

Korea Business English

Here’s what one Omni client had to say:

I work for an international company based in Korea. Kevin helped me translate my non-native English into correct written business concepts and information for my clients in the US. My message got across, and I felt much more confident!

Whether you’re creating a blog post or a report or just need some proofreading on a simple email, I can set your mind at ease about tone, style, structure, and syntax.

Contact now to find out how I can help bring clarity and accuracy to your business writing!

What Clients are Saying