Questions you need to answer in the job interview

If you’re going into that job interview thinking that it’s going to be a fancy dressed-up “Exam” like you suffered through in university, you might be making a mistake.

As the article below explains, if you’re invited to the interview, they likely believe that you can handle the job technically. What they want to know is what it’s like to work with you.

What’s your personality like? Who are you behind the success metrics and brilliant analytical skills? Treating the interview like a test and stressing about all the “right” answers might distract them from your lovely personality and quirky sense of humor.

So be friendly and engaging – this is an interesting conversation you can have. And think about this: you can also determine how they will be to work with. It’s a two way street.

If you get some Darth Vader energy from them, you might want to walk. Unless you like Darth Vader, of course. :p

That said – they definitely want to see your depth of commitment and how much excitement and sincerity you have for the role.

So how do you show this apart from saying you’re excited?

Research, research, research.

Dig deep into their blogs, Youtuube videos, social media posts, industry articles, quarterly reports. Bring in some insights and facts that your competition probably doesn’t even know about.

Ask questions based on that research. And be yourself – I know you all have great personalities. Let the interviewer see that, too. And if you’re international, remember the magic power of Small Talk in American culture…

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