Time Management is your Friend

Why time management will help you win:

If you’re an international employee here in the US, you know how critical time management is in meeting deadlines in the American workplace (and elsewhere of course).

If you’re a student here studying from abroad, the sooner you start using good time management, the better your grades will be, and the better prepared for the US job market you’ll feel!

Here’s why:

1.Better results. Poor time management usually means you wait until the last minute to do the work and there is simply no way to get good results that reflect your excellent skills and abilities. You can guarantee that a good idea will suffer in the execution if you don’t plan your time well.

Start the project well before the deadline, break large projects into smaller tasks, and assign regular time slots for those smaller tasks during the week.

We always have to review a piece of work and make refinements before the due date. If you wait until the last minute, first, you won’t do a great job and second, you simply won’t have time to make the improvements that it needs. You will hand in something that stinks instead of the brilliant work of genius you imagined.

2.Less Stress. If you do what I recommended in point #1, you’ll be able to schedule yourself time off on the weekends or whenever you’d like because you’ll be working regularly and steadily towards the goal.

In addition to that, you’ll feel less stressed because that horrible feeling of chaos and anxiety and not knowing when you’re going to do the work just won’t be there.

Most students are very stressed and part of the reason for that is that they don’t practice good time management.

Overall, time management allows you to take care of the situation and be in control of the project instead of the project being in control of you. And that’s how you get the gold at the end of the quest.…

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