Use this easy strategy to improve your work communication

You may not realize it but different cultures have different ways of organizing and presenting information. If you’re having a difficult time making yourself understood at work, it might not be your English. It might be a cultural issue. Fortunately, there’s a quick fix that can help.

It’s called the STAR method and it’s been the basis of answering behavioral interview questions for some time. But it also works really well for other types of business communication. It automatically structures the information in a way that’s comprehensible and organized. 

The acronym STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

Here’s a link that goes deeper in to the correct use of the method.

Think of some examples of projects or other professional experiences you’ve had. This can be with co-workers, managers, organizations, internships, school projects, and other challenges.

After writing it down, organize the main ideas into bullet points.

Now practice talking naturally while following the STAR structure. You can also record yourself if you want to get a sense of how you sound to others. (You might need to slow down or add more detail in some places.)

Speaking of detail, make sure you give a good sense of context at the beginning and add metrics in the ‘results’. You’ll find that co-workers and team members will understand exactly what you’re trying to convey more quickly.


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