Which Questions to ask in Job Interviews

Recently in job interview prep sessions, students and clients have asked about this. First, why should we ask questions in the interview? (Aren’t they supposed to ask the questions?) And second, which questions to ask in job interviews?

Ok why should you ask questions? It’s hard enough coming up with answers for THEIR questions!

Well, first of all, as I mentioned in another blog https://omnienglishpro.com/american-business-culture/secrets-to-landing-your-dream-job-at-a-us-company-3-asking-good-questions/ ,asking smart, well-researched questions shows your enthusiasm.

If you don’t ask anything, it might mean that you haven’t done any research at all. And that means you don’t care that much. Or that you don’t have curiosity about the position. Both of which signal apathy to an interviewer. This article on red flags in job candidates spells it out: https://www.salesforcesearch.com/blog/job-candidate-red-flags-to-watch-for/

Also when you consider which questions to ask in job interviews, imagine the other benefits!

It could also be that the job involves some research (many jobs do). If that’s the case, your thoughtful, intelligent questions based on your research of the company or role will be a big advantage. It shows them exactly how good you are.

Furthermore, if the role requires analysis and deep thinking, using your questions to reveal your thought process can be very helpful.

Another reason to ask questions is to find out whether the role is a good fit for you. Not all jobs are equal. You might feel a bit desperate, but you don’t want to end up in a role you have to quit sooner than necessary. Ask questions about culture, management style, opportunities, evaluation, benefits, etc.

Which brings me to the questions you could ask:

1.What are you looking for in this position?

2.How do you evaluate progress in this role? What are the expectations? 

3.What should the role accomplish in the next 3 months?

4.What does the day-to-day work look like in this position? What is the workflow?

5.What are the usual deadlines like? How much time do you have for the projects?

6.What are the challenges for the team right now?

Personal questions (yes it’s ok to ask these. It builds rapport!):

1.How did you get into this field?

2.What is your favorite thing about working here

3.What are some projects that you’re excited about now?

Remember that when you can also use the answers to show your competence and enthusiasm. “Oh that’s great, yes here’s how I would approach that! Or “I’d love to be involved in that….”

It might feel a little aggressive to do all these things, but the business culture here is more aggressive than in other places. When in Rome!

Good luck and watch this space….



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